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March 27, 2011

Reasons to Import

By  Angela Harvey


For a long time now i have been increasingly worried by the reduction of the gene pool in European Collies. Most people check only the first 4 or 5 generations when searching for the inbreeding co/efficient of any mating, however this gives a very false and inaccurate picture.

In the late 1960's early 1970's a very famous and wonderful reproducer was used extensively by breeders, his name was Dazzler of Dunsinane. His progeny was superb (i was witness to this) and breeders flocked to use both himself and his many winning sons. Over a period of time collies were closely line bred to 'fix' his great points, unfortunately they did not look to the future, and many other lines offering different points were lost to the Breed.

Breeders continued in this vein, line breeding to his sons and his grandsons, until every collie in Europe carried several lines to this great sire.

Line breeding is an excellent way to 'fix' points in the breed and experienced breeders can effectively use this method of breeding to eliminate undesirable traits and even eliminate health issues, and they can 'fix' good traits. However, carried to excess the immune system begins to break down giving rise to many skin problems and other issues. Also bad traits become 'fixed' too, and breeders must find an out-cross dog from totally separate lines, to help them to eliminate these problems. The influx of new blood to the gene pool strengthens the immune system and if the new dog is chosen wisely, it will revitalise a flagging bloodline.

Over the years, breeders have gradually lost the name of 'Dazzler' from the pedigree, along with the name of his grandmother Leacroft Black Magic. Leacroft Black Magic is not only the grandmother of Dazzler, but she can also be traced in direct tail female line to the majority of todays winning Rough Collies.

What we tend not to realise however, is that 'Dazzler' and 'Black Magic' are permanently 'fixed' behind EVERY European Rough Collie, to such an extent, that should a true in-breeding co/efficient be given, it would simply astound us all.

The truth is quite simply this...EVERY Rough Collie bred from English/European lines since the 1970's is now INBRED on Leecroft Black Magic. There are quite litterally HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of lines going back to these two Collies, behind EVERY such collie. It is therefore not possible to out-cross any longer, even by using collies from other parts of Europe because ALL are inbred to these same two collies.

Therefore i decided to introduce bloodlines that evolved from dogs sent to America before, during or Imediately after the Second world war, as these collies carry bitch lines, once prominant in the UK but sadly no longer available to us. These dogs carry NO lines to DAZZLER OF DUNSINANE or his grandmother LEACROFT BLACK MAGIC.

 When looking to increase the variety in the gene pool, one must also take great care not to introduce new problems. With this in mind i set out on a quest to discover a male collie to fulfill my purpose. He must carry no exagerations, he must fit the Breed standard as closely as possible, (remember we are working to preserve the future of the Breed, not to preserve an exaggerated fashion trend) and he must be as healthy as can be reasonably possible too. Here is the UK we have no known genetically cea free dogs.

For this reason i went to the Glasgowhills kennel of Sandi Hamillton and i am so pleased that i did, Sandi is a breeder who is truly interested in the future welfare of our Breed and i hope to be able to work with her for many years to come.

Va aggiunto per contro che anche i collie degli Stati Uniti e del Canada potrebbero giovarsi dell'apporto di sangue inglese (creazione di un nuovo out-cross per le loro linee) alla stessa maniera vantaggiosa.

The future of our Breed is at stake, we must be prepared to make changes for its continued survival, we live in challenging times. Dogs bred here at WICANI are bred to be FIT FOR FUNCTION...!!!!!